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  1. fuck this nigga straight up period call me a hater i dont give a fuck the fact that he says he masters rap is complete bullshit this dude is ignorant and not doing anything that hasent been done

  2. it's crazy cause seeing him be a fucking weirdo helped me accept I was a weirdo , the main reason I hated young thug at first cause dude was doing shit I was to scared to do musically and Fashion wise, I don't where dresses or skirts and shit but dude Dresses like a rockstar.

  3. "I believe in weird stuff like superstition, magic, like If I drive for more than one minute with my shoes off, I can't take them off after that"

    Dude it's not weird that you have that superstition, it's weird that you ever drive without shoes in the first place. But I guess if I drove super plush baller vehicles I probably would drive in my socks too.

  4. is it me or does thugger sound smarter in his latest interviews and stuff not sure if this is a result of hanging around lyor or if early social media thugger was just him portraying his persona, feel like its a bit of both

  5. Young Thug, America's Vybz Kartel (kinda. don't bodyme Vybz fans lol). Not as talented, Vybz can actually rap. But Thug is a musical person, i fuck wit his voice on trax.

  6. I think this is the first time I seen him without his nose ring I gained new respect for him being hisself but ATL really have real talent and people forget that and if he gay oh fucking well people its not killing you Im not gay but I respect all even of they are racist I just have that IDGAF attitude about what people do

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