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  1. J'aime cette musique avec un coeur delasse…..Et puis mes deux cousins font parti de ce groupe….Zenglen Always….One love..Richie, jazz mwen nan wout wi..lol

  2. Listenin to this guy on the lives is whats crazy.. What i respect about him is the fact that he does an awesome job and you rarely ever about him in some controversy or anything. Li la pou jwe bon kompa, pran kob li, e fe wout li.

  3. wise comment my friend, sad thing is, not to discredit any haitian musicians, he's a far better bass player than the people they put on top of him, although ernz is not really playing in this video, but you can tell this guy can have a feel for other musician, know when to come in, no showboating, if you can see this guy play in person my friend, he'll blow your mind. what we need to do as a people is to stop rewarding mediocrity.

  4. ZENGLEN'S bass'player is the most underated in the HMI. Some people simply do not appreciate fine arts! The media is partly to be blamed, they don't know how to start interviewing such an excellent musician. En fin. Good job zenglen!

    ( He is not really playing at this moment, i'm referring to all his contributions in zenglen over many years!)

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