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  1. I love the music but some of you are ignorant. No one is saying Cubans invented it, the description states it is INFLUENCED by rhythms in Cuba, specifically the Guajira, which is Spanish and African, like ALL Cuban main stream rhythms. Not sure why some of you are getting offended… Cuba has it's own music, some influenced by France, England, most by Africa and Spain, and even a Haitian style of music called Tumba Francesa (mostly located on the eastern side of the island). No need to be offended, our African ancestors all came from the same place and arrived at roughly the same time. Haiti definitely didn't "start" the other cultures in the caribbean. We all have our own styles. Relax, this is how music WORKS! It takes influences from other places and evolves. Salsa is a perfect example. Evolved from a base (primarily Cuban) and grew into it's own style. Cuban music is also a great example. Has an AFRICAN base and SPANISH influence, and grew into it's own styles.

  2. Troubadour is not cuban base but african base. The very core of the beats are African. Yes with European influence. Pa pran kredi zansèt nou yo ak mizisyen nou you bay cuban. Love you all.

  3. nan temp 80 yo param yo te kon couri deyem nan new yok lem te kon habiyer konsa fait cheuveum kouai Ritchi kounyer a yo bay yo gloi , a la yon lavie pou Haitian ki grandi au etat ini.

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