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  1. I dance Brazilion zouk..2 to 5 times a week,i have a Brazilion born teacher ,i have done classes with over 9 different Brazillion teachers ..(from brazil.. kadu mafie,bras .bebe,Allison.Leo …… i have driven the god father of brazillion zouk around and organized classes for him to teach in Sydney and eaten dinner with him Adilio Porto is now a personal friend ..i have his PH. number .i think i am atleast a lil qualified to comment 

  2. Haitian is nice..and with my girl yes..but rio zouk is much fun..haitian get boring if you don't go to bed with the girl after a couple of song s

  3. How don't i know..i do lessons upto 6 days a week in zouk ..this vid is as i say it is,,it is just cos it is poorly done does not mean it is not rio /neo brazillion zouk…it is not northern Pôrto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil or older style zouk…..and obviously it is tort in im guessing hongkong where i know a girl that is from there and she says the teacher is to much like Salsa,,,but this is ZOUK.. what else can you call it ..also my teacher is Bazillion..and i do classes with Kadu and Larrisa 

  4. sorry guys, i know, i know you guys try really hard to do that…

    but…zouk is love, romance, this is all what dance is about…

    and this video? does not have nothing…
    and if in 2010 you guys just do that… look at this BRAZILIAN improvisation 😉 maybe you guys learn something. check the link bellow

    >> youtube.com/watch?v=8lB3pbk4vAI&feature=related

  5. I know very well regarding Brazilian zouk..you might be from Cuba ..but do you have the pleasure of taking classes from the most famous Brazilian zouk dancers in the world…?? i do Kadu and Larrisa. Bebé Genivaldo M D.Alisson Rodrigues Sandi all live in Australia !!!! and are at the frontline of worlwide zouk in many styles of zouk including Sao Paulo brazilzouklambada .i have had classes with Leo and Larissa.and Adillio Porto …google them … SO what are they dancing then ? Tango?

  6. They are dancing without enough hip-level dissociation and contact though, even less than those newer styles that greatly reduce emphasis on hips and contact (usually by focusing on irregular chest movements, which they don't use in the video either). But it's not like they aren't doing fine for people who are learning, and who probably don't have many local brazilian-zouk dancing parties to go to.

  7. C'est du "zouk brésilien", un style derivée de la lambada traditionelle brésilienne, et qui était dansée originalement avec des chansons de zouk, et maintenant est surtout dansée avec du R&B ou de la musique électronique. Ces danseurs-là sont probablement d'un niveau débutant ou intermédiaire, ils se débrouillent bien, même si ils semblent un peu durs, et ils utilisent des élements des styles plus avant-garde de zouk brésilien, qu'ont mélangé des influences venues du ballet, salsa, WCS, etc.

  8. This is Brazilian zouk, a style that came from Brazilian lambada and which was originally danced to actual zouk, but is now danced mostly to R&B, Hip Hop, and electronic music. Probably beginner-to-intermediate level. They're using a few elements from newer styles, which incorporate some stuff from ballet, WCS, salsa etc. Not bad, a lil' stiff but they're doing well.

  9. Brazilian Zouk? Please don't say shit about something that you don't know. Make a little search in youtube just to see if this is the Brazilian Zouk.

  10. sorry mate ..thats not french zouk at all…thats rio / Brazilion/neo,ish style zouk ..they have learnt lots of moves but they dance very stiff and feeling is not in it or moves are not executed that verywell…the choreo is just fine but the dancers look to be intermediate and to have perhaps never social danced before ..in french zouk it all about feeling the music and dancing close !! this is a rio/brazil style song .not northan lambada zouk or french antilies zouk 

  11. C'est très bon, aujourd'hui il ya plusieurs styles pour danser zouk, adaptée au rythme de danse zouk a lambada. Brésil, est appelé le zouk, zouk lambada ou lambazouk, et le meilleur est que tout le monde aime ce mélange d'Afrique, d'Amérique latine, d'Arabie et d'autres. Un rythme merveilleux avec un style brésilien du danser.

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