Zouk (Lambada=the dance; zouk=the music)


Latin Sunday at Café Cancun, during the International Zouk Congress in Brasília, Brazil. Organized by Priscila Rangel (Zouk Móvel Produções). Film maker: Kesley, dance teacher at Goiânia, GO (Thanks for sharing, Kesley!). This music, by DJ Mafie Zouker, is a success, althought this video doen’st have a nice sound. Here we see Israel Szerman and Richard, both dancing with Patica.There’s also DJ Rapha dancing with Val.
The congress was great!!!!



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  1. Come to my website and learn the truth. The name of the dance, fast and slow, is Lambada. Read the words of Jairo Brasil for yourself, watch all the videos and you will find that each of the dancers added a special flavor to the dance. Lambada is danced to both fast and slow music and Kaoma danced both speeds from the beginning. Listen to what Braz dos Santos says about the name of the dance. Watch Adiel Modesto do the same dance at fast and slow speed.

  2. The way people dance lambada today is Brazil (lambada zouk style) originated in Rio. From Rio, it came to Sao Paulo, in Bahia they never danced the lambada this ways. In the group Kaoma, the only dancer that danced the lambada in this "zouk" style was Jairo Brasil and Monica, you can watch old videos of Kaoma, and his style is striking different from the others. Todays, it is the style everybody dances (or tries to)

  3. Actually to make a correction, Zouk did not find its origin from the Lambada. Zouk found its true origins from a band they call Kassav' who came from Guadeloupe and Martinique. The awesome people from Brazil discovered Zouk and started using the Zouk rhythm to dance a similar dance to that of the Lambada. That's why if you study the different zouk dances, including the original way (caribbean way). You'll notice that Zouk-Lambada is more sensual. Zouk is music & dance from the Antilles =).

  4. You have a good point. But there are too many people calling it lamba-zouk. But it's an unrealistic expectation to think that people are going to change the name to something else just to make you happy.

    I don't like Ballroom style/American Samba, and I don't think it should be called samba. But it's still called samba, whether I like or not. So what I do is spread the word about the original style I prefer because it helps people to appreciate my point a little more that way.

  5. Thank you for your detailed answer. What's the difference between the lambada-dance and the original Zouk-dance (in the style, execution) and in which regard the Zouk- and the Lambada-Music differ, though?

  6. Today, the brazillians dance this dance (which had being developed to different styles) with zouk songs. And many dancers call it the zouk dance. And the ones who dance the original zouk in their countries recent of that, because they dance the zouk in a different way. It's a name problem, isn't it?

  7. By that time the "chorando se foi" era made people think that the dance started whith that song, but I've heard from a "old" (sorry for the "old" João)lambadeiro that they used to dance the zouk songs with the lambada dance before dancing with the lambada songs.

  8. Although the zouk is dance on it's own way originally, in Brazil, maybe even before the lambada, the zouk songs were danced in a brazillian style. The "lambadeiros"used to dance it like lambada even before the lambada was spread from Porto Seguro, Bahia.

  9. Besides, brazillians started to dance the zouk rythm in a different way, which had developed from the lambada. Lambada is a brazillian dance. Not the "chorando se foi" song. That one wasn't brazillian. But a french producer used that song and the bazillian dancers to start the world spread boom called lambada, mainly through KAOMA. The lambada dance began in Brazil.

  10. Hi, Atteinotna! Well, the version I have is that zouk is a musical rythm. It also has it's own original zouk dance, which is not the one that's danced in Brazil and also Europe, Israel, etc.

  11. Hello everybody! I have got a question! What's Zouk? Is it really just the music and the brazilians made a dance out of it, the lambada? I thought Zouk came from the Antilles and is a dance AND the music and the brazilians cjanged it so that it became the lambada. If the last version is right what's the difference between the two dances: Zouk and Lambada? Thank you for answering in advance

  12. É um remix do Mafie Zouker, chamado New Era. É mixagem de Sadeness (Enigma) e Mother (New Era). Foi coreografada por Jaime Arôxa para a CooperDançaS, que se apresentou no II CIZOUB

  13. Thank you so much Kaysha!! This is such a wonderful news!!! You in Brazil! WOW!!! I'm writting to my friends abaout what you said. That's the scrap:

    WOW! O Kaysha blogou o vídeo da galera dançando zouk que o Kesley filmou no congresso de zouk de Brasília e eu postei no Youtube!! E a novidade é que ele vem ao Brasil em agosto!!